Online Rehabilitation

Online Rehabilitation Programming

Our online services range from; Telephone, email, video or text consultations.
This is a great service if you want some advice or information regarding a new, ongoing or old issue, without the cost of a full face-2-face appointment. Post treatment you may still want regular check ins, updated and progressive exercises programmes or advise without the need for a face-2-face appointment. This service is great if you are back on track but still want some slight steering.

Initial Consultation includes: diagnosis, rehabilitation and advice
Written report with supporting videos/photos of your exercises
Bespoke rehabilitation plan
Written letters to your GP, employer etc upon request
Follow up sessions include progress plan and re-assessment of your injury
Training Plans i.e Marathon Race, Event or Challenge
Unlimited support via e-mail


Online Services

Initial Injury Assessment & Plan
45-60 Mins

Online Follow Up
30-45 Mins

Written Rehab Programme 
(Without Video Assessment)

Event Training Plan
(Price may variety*) 

Fitness/Training Assessment & Initial Plan
(Price may variety*) 

Fitness Plan Additonal Weeks
(Priced per number of weeks) 

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